Culture Committee

You cannot come to Rome and don't discover the art and the history of this amazing city! This is what the Culture Committee works for!

We organize cultural activities such as guided tours and treasure hunts, everything that you need to visit Rome and its amazing places and historical sites.

We want you to live the city 360° and this includes all the ancient beauties that Rome offers to all of us too!

Great time guaranteed!


Denise Vano, Head of Culture Committee

Hi all! I'm Denise, I'm 24 and I'm Head of Culture Committee and Buddy and Tandem Coordinator. In 2014 I left Italy to live the most amazing experience I've ever lived: Erasmus. After four months in France I realized two things: 1st. My life could no longer be the same; 2nd. I was absolutely happy about it. But I was not in France anymore so what could I do to live incredible "international" experiences again? An easy answer for an easy question: Join the ESN Roma Luiss team of course! ;) Here the great Culture Committee staff and I have one goal: Help you discover all the beautiful places in Rome and to make sure you'll have the best experience of your lives!