ESN Roma LUISS is glad to start the first Beer Pong Tournament if this new year!
20 teams, but only 1 winner! and a special prize for it!
Each team can be composed of a maximum of 5 members!

To sign up write a post on the Facebook event's wall with each member of your team and its name!


Team Mclarens:
Ted Mosby
Marshall Eriksen
Barney Stinson
Lily Aldrin
Robin Scherbatsky

○ Where: Fauno 3.0 (metro Policlinico)
○ How much: 10€ each team per match (6 beers)
○ Music: Dj set all night

★ ESN CARD: With your ESN card (you can buy the ESN card at our office hours at LLC every Tuesday and Thuraday from 18-20)
One alcolic base cocktail is 5€
Other cocktail 7€
Wine and beer 4€

18/09/2018 - 21:00
Fauno 3.0
Via Sassari 2C