Dear Erasmus Students

On Sunday we will have the first day-trip of this semester: we are going to explore Tivoli. It is an artistic and cultural complex unique in its kind in the world.

We will visit the magnificent Villa Adriana, the Roman Emperor's biggest mansion ever, as well as Villa d'Este, an amazing Renaissance mansion which belongs to the UNESCO's world heritage.

In the late afternoon, after the guided tour of Villa Adriana, we will go around Tivoli’s city center and we will visit Villa d'Este.

8.30 AM in Piazza Istria (breakfast provided by us)
Be on time!

The arrival time in Rome depends on the traffic. The expected time of return is not later than 9:30 PM. The bus is dropping us out in Piazza Istria.

For more information: join our telegram group in order to receive more news about this event!

This activity is included ONLY in the full Welcome Pack.

15/09/2019 - 08:30 to 21:30
Piazza Istria
00100 Roma RM
What's included: 
  • Bus transport
  • Breakfast
  • Guided tours
  • Entrance in Villa Adriana
  • Entrance in Villa d'Este
  • Our staff's amazing company
  • An ESNcard of this section required.