The end of the semester is approaching and we have organized a special dinner to spend a final night all together, to live again the memories of these months with videos, jokes and a lot of surprises, to have fun once again all together! 

This dinner will be a special one because it's YOUR turn! It will be an INTERNATIONAL DINNER that means you will eat dishes from all over the world cooked (well, better "suggested by") yourselves! ​

During the dinner, we will taste all the dishes and award the best one based both on the dish and the presentation! This means that the first best three teams will get prizes!!   ​

The event is also open to Italian students from LUISS, this is the form that they have to fill in if they want to join.  

It's not all: the funniest thing is that during the dinner there will be also the ESN AWARDS!! ​

You can vote here by writing name and surname of the person you vote!  

After the dinner, we'll head to our final party of the season!

15/12/2017 - 20:00