In occasion of the famous Festival Of Wine in the town of Marino, ESN Roma LUISS will offer you an amazing experience!!! Marino is a famous town close to Rome, famous for the wine festival where the wine flows directly from the fountain in the street! In the first Sunday of October the town hosts a lot of events comprending music, shows, good typical food and…of course, a lot of good wine!

The participation fee is 10€ and it includes:

- Transportation by bus from Piazza Istria to Marino and back
- 0,75 Lt of wine for each one of you!!!
- Lots of surprises
- All the fun of ESN Staff!

Note that you’ll be totally free to hang around Marino by yourselves. Remember to bring a plastic bottle in order to fill it with delicious wine for cheap.

To get your ticket, you can come at our office in the Language Cafè (room 312, Viale Romania) this Tuesday and 18:00 to 20:00.

If you have friends that want to come but can’t pass at the office, you can pay for them just bringing their ESN Card, email and mobile number.

You've never seen wine coming out from a fountain, you cannot miss this!!!

Stay tuned for more info about the departure during these days!

02/10/2016 to 11/10/2016