Open to learn a new language? Want to practice the other one you are learning? Want to show to other people how fluent you are? 
This is the event you all were waiting for!

Come to the Tandem Aperitif!

On Tuesday the 25th of September
At White Rabbit (near law campus)
Because you can eat some Italian food and have some amazing drinks while talking about topics of mutual interest with your international fellows!

Basically, you will come to the aperitif and after you take the food and the drink, there will be some tables with a flag on top: the flag determines which language will be spoken!

What languages will be available? You decide!
Please fill this form to sign into the event and choose your native language plus the language you’re learning! ▶▶

Don’t be shy! This is a big chance to prove yourself you are making progress with your language’s ability!

The price to take part to the aperitif will be 10€ (food and a drink are included).

We are waiting for you!

25/09/2018 - 19:30
White Rabbit
Via Spalato 35
What's included: 
  • Buffet + drink
  • Everyone is invited.