Excursion Committee

Italy is a country that offers thousands of landscapes to admire, cities worth visiting and being discovered and new emotions to feel. And what is the best, safest and funniest way to live these experiences, if not with our excursion staff?

Beginning with Rome and Naples, going through the wonderful Tuscany, having fun during the best-known Venice’s Carnival, and enjoying relax at the natural hot springs of Calcata, our staff will always make sure you live these new discoveries with the best and most friendly environment possible around you.

We will guide you at discovering many of the centennial beauties that Italy can offer, always dedicating some time to relax, to the taste of new flavours of food and wine,  and mostly to partying, with the primary aim of making you enjoying our wonderful peninsula.

Fabio Montaruli, Head of Excursion Committee

I'm Fabio, 25 years old, from Bari. I'm currently graduating in my Master's Degree in Business at LUISS. I decided to join the ESN crew coming back from Santander, Spain where I've been for the Erasmus programme. I'm now starting my third year in ESN after an experience as local board member of our association! I'm so excited, because this year my role is to organize and plan excursion's activities such as trips or daytrips, for the whole semester! Me and all my staff are going to make your time here in Rome, unforgettable!

E-mail: viaggi@esnromaluiss.it

Alessandra Lucci, Member of Excursion Committee

I'm a 21-years-old girl and I have a great passion for travelling and adventure. When I was only 15, I was given the chance to live and study in Australia, hosted by a local family. And it was that experience that made me so willing to live my life as internationally as possible, always looking for experiences I never had before. 

And that's why I joined the ESN Team, and in particular the Excursion Committee: I just want to make you discover everything that my wonderful country has to offer!

E-mail: viaggi@esnromaluiss.it