The Guarantors are previous ESNers who had an important role in the association and are now available to the new Board for tips and advises.
The existence of guarantors ensures the transfer of knowledge between the old ESNers and new ESNers, making sure everything runs smoothly.           

Stefano Baglivi

My name is Stefano Baglivi, I'm 26 and I'm a LUISS master student of business. I lived in London for 3 months in 2012: this experience changed my life, it opened me a huge window on the world! When i came back to Rome I decided to keep living in an International environment where everything it's easy and stimulating and I can compare cultures, languages and lives. I started to be part of ESN on January 2013 and since then it has been a great experience. I took and gave everything to the association (soul included). I have been the President in the Board year 2014/2015 and I can certainly say it was a really useful experience for myself. I'm satisfied because i reached  most of my goals, so I left the floor to a new generation of ESNers (I really trust in them) and I will be Guarantor to keep safe and pass the know how in the association, advice when it's necessary and control in case of crisis.                                   

Andrea Estrafallaces

My name is Andrea Estrafallaces, I'm 28 years old and I'm a former Luiss student and Esn Roma Luiss member. Between august 2009 and june 2010 I'have been a law student at UB of Barcelona with Erasmus exchange program. In 2010, as soon as I came back in Rome, with  a small group of other students, I had a dream (I'm not Martin Luther King): create an Esn section to give back to international students in Luiss what we had riceived so generousely, without having anything in return. I was an active member till march 2014 and I saw a dream of few italian students becoming a reality for hundreds of foreigner students. Right now, I can't spend my spare time as I did once (unfortunately we need to grow up), so I have decided to give my experience to younger and active members of Esn Roma Luiss as a warrant. My goal is to keep believing and keep others believing in that dream I had 5 years ago...