Newspaper – Iurisprudentes

Are you interested to write for newspapers? Would you like to have an experience like a reporter? 

ESN Roma LUISS gives you the opportunity to write in one of the LUISS university newspaper, “Iurisprudentes”, every month. You can write something about your country, what it is working or not in your homeland, or about something that we, Italians, couldn’t understand or know without your article. You can write it in English, Spanish or French. Thirty lines in Times New Roman,10. You can choose the headline of your article as well. 

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Would you like to be a Radio’s guest? Do you want to be the star of a program? 

ESN Roma LUISS gives you the opportunity to be interviewed every Monday at Radio LUISS by live. You can talk about your country, your experience in Roma, in LUISS, in Italy or about other topics that you can decide. “Pensieri Stranieri” is a Radio LUISS show written and performed by Alessio Barragato, Nicholas Joseph and Elnaz Barjandi. The show aims to evaluate cultural differences between international students coming from every country of the world. However there are also entertaining spaces where the show gives the opportunity to look at the amusing side of Italian news, movies and events from a foreign point of view.

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