Starts our collaboration with Madama Louise! Would you like to write about your Erasmus experience? Would you like to give some tips or to be interviewed by the LUISS newspapers? ESN gives you this unique opportunity, let us know if you'd like to be featured!Madama Louise is a free newspaper shared whitin the LUISS Guido Carli. Our editorial staff is made up of students from the first to the last year of study who come from several departments and with different interests, attitudes and backgrounds. We also want to appreciate and exploit students from different nationalities, like Erasmus students. 
Campus’life, economy, news section, national and international politics, culture, environment, sport, current’s events and show business are our main themes but is possible to write on everything: all the necessary to train the future ruling class!
The newspaper is mainly written in Italian but is possible write some news item in other languages.

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Ludovico Lenners: General Manager
Vittoriana De Francesco: Head Editor
Francesca Pedace: Department Head

Madama Louise is Waiting for you. Enjoy us!"