The Buddy System is a project through which incoming exchange students are matched with LUISS students
The purpose of the project is not only to assist exchange and international students with practical matters regarding their settlement in the new country; it mainly aims at facilitating integration in the Italian academic life and the Italian student community.
However, the Buddy System is way more than this. It is a great opportunity to make new friends.

How to participate:

  • Are you an exchange student
    Would you like to find a hearty welcome as soon as you get to Rome? Would it be useful for you to have an Italian friend charged with supporting you during your first times here?

    If so, fill in this form: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FORM


  • Are you a regular LUISS student looking for an international environment? Would you like to welcome an international student arriving this semester at LUISS and help them familiarize with a new city and university?

    Become buddy by filling this form: LUISS STUDENTS FORM



Please be minded that forms must be filled in at the latest by August 23rd. Any request of registration after the deadline will not be considered.