Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking and Effective Communication Skills - A Course for English Speaking Students 

How do we appear to others? Are we able to make them feel comfortable? Can we establish a real contact? Can we introduce ourselves or tell a story? Can we discuss a project or a thesis?

Speaking and delivering a presentation in public is an ability increasingly required by most of today’s jobs. From the CEO taking his speech during the annual general meeting to the diplomat in a UN mission trying to convince his intercultural audience; from the journalist interviewing in a middle – east country to the consultant sent to China for a corporate mission; from the academic presenting his research paper to the business lawyer supervising an international merger. Professionals of success today have as their main asset the ability to speak effectively in public, to direct the conversation and to be able to face the most diverse cultures exploiting their specific customs.

This is what a public speaker is trained for.

If you feel like you have to brush up your abilities as a public speaker, and you want to strengthen your confidence in dealing with challenging social contexts, sign up to our two-day training course in LUISS!

The course is held by Dr. Alberto Castelvecchi, Public Speaking Trainer at LUISS Guido Carli.

When the course will be held, we will write at this page how to submit your partecipation!

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