The SocialErasmus Project, now in its third year of development, aims to promote the integration of international students in the communities in which they settle through activities of volunteer work in the field of education, ecology, charity and well-being. Since 2012, ESN Italy proposes two events a year called SocialErasmus week, which have so far seen involved more than half of the 49 Italian sections. Thus, important collaborations were born with private entities and institutions. 


The SocialErasmus Project was born in Poland in 2008. Thanks to its success at the national level, was extended to the whole ESN network in 2012 and since then it has been the flagship project of ESN International. The project offers international students the opportunity to enrich themselves culturally and to investigate the best local community in which they settle. Social initiatives range from education, to ecology and to charity. 

REACH HIGHER, FURTHER GO, GO SOCIAL is the slogan of the project. Spread the word!